The Life We Shared is an organization that takes its name from the book written by Debby and Tom Rogers. After Debby’s death from cancer in December 2006,

Tom uses the journal Debby had written to chronicle her reflections on the life they had shared, as the inspiration for his own writings in response.

In one sense, this story is an intensely personal one – husband and wife reflecting on their life together, at times in celebration, others in fear and loss, but nearly always in hope. While much of their story may be personal, their journey is one proven to have lessons and applicability for many others.  Given a death rate right around 100%, we will all experience loss as a part of our lives. The question becomes one of how to heal and even grow from the experience. Such an outcome is certainly not a given. In fact, it is easy to get lost in the process. Some losses are so profound, some levels of grief so deep, the one left
behind is unable to find a way back to a life that makes sense or seems worth the living. The book and the organization were created out of this realization. In fact, there are two core beliefs from which they take life:

1.The life that was shared is worthy of being recorded and/or documented in some fashion. The one you lost deserves this honor.

2. In this process of being your lost one’s biographer, you will find a sense of purpose – one that will also bring healing.

The goals of The Life We Shared are to provide models from which you can draw inspiration for the telling of your own story and a community of support to encourage you through the journey.